Does Massage Help Neuropathy? – Truth Revealed by Massage Therapist

Massages are a boon for people suffering from neuropathy. Neuropathy is a term that is used to describe the general disease or any malfunction of the nerves in the body. This condition can be at any location in the body due to some injury or illness.

Does Massage Help Neuropathy?

There are four types of neuropathy that are classified based on its location:

  1. Peripheral neuropathy
  2. Focal neuropathy
  3. Cranial neuropathy
  4. Autoimmune neuropathy

The most common type of neuropathy observed among people is the Peripheral neuropathy. The nerves that are affected due to this condition are outside the brain and spinal cord. The nerves that are a part of the peripheral nervous system such as nerves in legs, feet, hands, arms are damaged in this type of condition. Diseases such as diabetes can also cause this type of neuropathy. Some people also suffer from numbness in their hands and feet after chemotherapy sessions which is also a symptom of peripheral neuropathy. Apart from the drugs and painkillers prescribed for neuropathy, massage therapy also work great for treating it. 


One of the significant reasons for the improper nerve functions is the insufficient supply of oxygen. Getting a massage helps in increasing the blood flow to your muscles, which helps in improving oxygen supply to the nerves and brain. As massages also increase the blood circulation to the peripheral nerves, it is beneficial for the people suffering from neuropathy.

A good massage can help in dealing with numbness, pain, and tingling sensations in your hands and feet. All these mentioned symptoms are observed in a neuropathic condition. Several reports suggest the benefits of massage in neuropathy conditions such as:

  • It helps in reducing spasms and cramping in the muscles.
  • Massages aid in relieving nerve pain and paresthesia.
  • It releases the mood uplifter hormones such as endorphins that also work as a natural painkiller for our body.
  • A massage helps in boosting the immune system by stimulating the lymph flow in your body.
  • The sessions are also beneficial for people suffering from migraine or arthritis.
  • It also helps in improving joint flexibility and range of motion.
  • There is an increase in the circulation of oxygen and nutrients to the tissues and other vital organs of the body.
  • Massages also help in healing sports injuries.

Many people suffering from neuropathy opt for a full body or a hand and foot massage. The most preferred types of massage for people suffering from neuropathy are:

  • Swedish massage: Therapists recommend this massage due to its property of improving the blood circulation in the body. The massage also helps in reducing stress and anxiety. 

swedish massage

  • Lymphatic massage: Another great option of massage is lymphatic massage as it helps in increasing the lymphatic flow and also improves the immunity.

Lymphatic MassageA 60-minute massage session once a week can help in improving the nerve malfunction and numbness. It’s vital to talk to your therapist about your condition with all the required details before starting the session. An experienced massage therapist is recommended for such kind of cases as they know all the techniques well. It should be noted that the first few massage sessions might be painful for patients but is beneficial in the longer term. Such massage therapy should be continued for some months to get the desired results in treating neuropathy.

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