Is Figaro Olive Oil Good for Baby Massage? – Finally Cleared

Yes, the Figaro olive oil is good for baby massage. Over the years now the mothers have been using this oil for their little ones. Olive oil is good for skin as it nourishes the skin and makes it look healthy. Massages are beneficial as it helps in regulation and improving the blood circulation and for babies, these massages help them to build strong muscles. Olive oil is the first choice of many mothers as it is an excellent oil for the skin as well as hair.

Figaro olive oil has been the number one choice in the olive oil because of it’s easy availability and nourishing properties. It also helps with dry skin and gets rid of the flaky skin. Apart from nourishing the skin, there are several other ways in which it is useful for the baby. I am going to list all the effects of Figaro oil massage for baby massage in this article.

Is Figaro Olive Oil Good for Baby Massage?

1. It helps in putting babies to sleep

Many parents have tried and tested this method where they have applied olive oil on their baby, and it helped the baby to sleep. Figaro olive oil is one of the most reputed and renowned oils that has been used by parents for decades now. Massaging the oil gently on the soles of the feet helps them to fall asleep and also has a soothing effect on babies.

2. Beneficial for those diaper rashes

The diaper rashes are something every mother is afraid of. Long hours of wearing the diaper might result in the rashes on their skin which is painful. To help with soothing it and reducing it, many moms have tried mixing olive oil with lukewarm water. This mixture then can be applied to the affected area so that it helps to cure it.

3. Works wonders for hair

Many people have seen a difference in their baby’s hair after massaging it with Figaro olive oil. The oil is enriched with Vitamin E that helps in nourishing hair and also making it soft and supple. If your baby has rough and coarse hair, you can massage their head with this oil that will help in getting softer hair.

4. Can be used all year around

The olive oil has this property that it can be used all year round in every season. Other oils come with the restrictions of using it in the particular season whereas olive oil can be used to massage in every season. It can be used in winters in generous amount while massaging as it can help in moisturising the skin in such dry season. It can also be used in summers in lesser quantities as it is lightweight and non-sticky.

5. Helps in curing cough and cold

Babies are prone to cold and cough in the winter season. For curing the cough the mixture of the eucalyptus oil along with few drops of olive oil can be applied to the chest of the babies. This mixture helps in curing the congestion in the respiratory system and also the cough. One can also rub this mixture on the palms and soles of feet to help with the cold. Figaro olive oil is the best option for olive oil and can be used for making this mixture.

So these are the ways an excellent Figaro olive massage helps in keeping the skin and hair healthy in babies. It is one oil that can be used all year and is available easily in the market both offline and online. However, it should be noted that if your baby has a damaged or eczema-prone skin, then olive oil is not the best option for using it in massages. You should consult your doctor for deciding which oil is best suited for your baby.

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